Škegro Višnjevac

Hercegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • Producer: Škegro
  • Alcohol: 21%
  • Volume: 0,50L
  • It can be served with chocolate pralines, ice cubes, Black Forest cake, but it can also be drunk alone. Be sure to cool well, at least to drop below 10 degrees.

  • 8-10 °C

Produced in a completely natural way without any added aromas or colors, by antique soaking, as are tinctures or herbs. The method is the same as for pomegranate - the fruits are from winemakers, for the base distillate is used grapevine, which is also obtained from its own grapes and distilled within the family Škegro. The only sweetener sometimes used is honey. It has very striking and recognizable aromas of smaller fruit cherries such as maraschino and amarene.

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