Planeta Alastro

Sicily, Italy

Price: 14,00

Price: 18,67 €/L

  • Winery: Planeta
  • Year: 2021.
  • Alcohol: 12,5%
  • Volume: 0,75L
  • We recommend it with different seafod dishes, like crab salad or grilled white fish.

  • 10-13 °C

The name comes from the wildflowers that grow around the winery. Alastro is a blend dominated by grecanico with sauvignon blanc and grillo. The two aromatic varieties complement the grecanico perfectly and make the wine harmonious, with pronounced aromas and acidity. The dominant aromas are tropical fruits, fresh citrus and white flowers. Grecanico (Grecanico Dorato) is the Sicilian name for garganega. Although it matures later, it preserves the acids well and produces slightly more aromatic wines in Sicily.