Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1990

Scotland, United Kingdom

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  • Producer: Glenmorangie
  • Year: 1990.
  • Alcohol: 43%
  • Volume: 0,70L

Interestingly, this younger whiskey was actually the first in Bond House No. 1 line. The name of the line comes from the name of the building in the Glenmorangie complex where it is being made. Whiskey was created in one of the most challenging years for this distillery, but despite all expectations, it achieved such exceptional quality that it was the beginning of the Bond House No.1 series, which marks the best vintage whiskeys in Glenmorangie. It spent a quarter of a century in ex-sherry and ex-bourbon barrels and developed into a very complex and harmonious whiskey, but managed to preserve very strong fruity aromas. A combination of orange blossom, freesia, tangerine, apple and pear, and honeycomb honey, orange syrup and vanilla in the mouth. Whiskey won four world golds including IWC gold for best Scottish single malt.