Cape Mentelle Cabernet Sauvignon

Margaret river, Australia

Price: 59,00

Price: 78,67 €/L

  • Strong enough to go with the most elaborate winter dishes. Very spicy sauces, slow-cooked red meats, such as sous vide beef cheeks, game meat, or game cold cuts.

  • 18-20 °C

This is a very esteemed cabernet from Australia. It comes from the Margaret River region. The vintage we currently have at our disposition is particularly successful and is no longer easy to find. Therefore, it might be more expensive in its native Australia than in our country. The skills and the knowledge of Cape Mentelle winemakers are reflected in preparing the wine for longevity and in the care it was given in the cellar. Thick, concentrated, full of extracts, a complex and developed tertiary aromas that still retain the primary varietal aromas of currants, black cherries and light mint freshness. The wine has a good aging potential and should only develop further given the right conditions.