Puhelek Sauvignon

Continental Croatia, Croatia

Price: 13,82

Price: 18,43 €/L

  • The aromaticity of this wine is not overstated, so the gastronomic efficiency is far greater - cod on white, hummus, avocado spreads, fish stewed, fish pate, Asian specialties with lots of vegetables, tempure and the like.

  • 10-12 °C

Year after year, Ivana Puhelek enthralls the audience with its consistent quality and uncompromising, recognizable varietal wines. Her Sauvignon is a clear confirmation of just that. The wine is based on the pure, clear variety, that is, the varietal characteristics of Sauvignon. The knowledge and skills of the young winemaker are not evident in style and elaboration, but in the interplay of smell and taste. Harmony and balance are the highest qualities of this wine. No feature has received too much or too little space under the spotlights; aromas of green apples, medium-ripe citrus fruits, gooseberries, asparagus, young peas, mowed grass, mild aromas of bazhas, minimal residues of sugar, acids ...

Everything is very harmonious.