Bibich Aleph

Dalmatia, Croatia

Temporarily unavailable
  • Winery: Bibich
  • Year: 2017.
  • Alcohol: 14,0%
  • Volume: 0,75L
  • If you get the opportunity to try the best game meat dishes, haute cuisine dishes or Kobe beef steaks, you can open a bottle of this wine.

  • 18 °C

Bibich Aleph, in the opinion of the winemaker himself, is his best wine and thus bears the name of the winemaker's favorite novel written by Jorge Luis Borges. In the novel, Aleph is a point in space that contains all the other points, just as the Jezerine vineyard contains all parts of this wine. Therefore, this wine is also a “field blend” - the vineyard consists of 67% cabernet sauvignon, 30 % merlot and 13% cabernet franc. These proportions are also reflected in the wine. It represents Jezerine in a bottle. It only comes out in the best years, hence there was a 13-year break between two releases. It is strongly determined by climate and terroir and one should not search for Bordeaux characteristics in this wine, even though the varieties are typical its right bank. It is much higher in extracts, ripe, thick, viscous, spicy with the herbal aroma of menthol. The selection is rigorous, and the winery has the best oak available.