Korta Katarina Winemaker's Selection

Dalmatia, Croatia

Price: 35,00

Price: 46,67 €/L

  • Prosciutto and salty, ripe cheeses, salted fish, sardines, anchovies, longer-aged, grilled meat, grinded macaroni, pašticada, beef osso bucco.

  • 16-18 °C

The label itself clearly communicates the idea of this wine as a selection of barrels, Korta Katarina Winemaker's Selection. It is naturaly called winemaker selection. This is exactly what it seems, a seemingly simple move and the decision of a master cellarman to place his blend on the market. However, we see very few of our wines that are the independent work of the chief winemaker or master cellarman and therefore all praise for this label in Korta's line. Therefore, the most successful barrels, newer and older, were selected and in my opinion, this wine shows the beautiful aspects of aging in Plavac in oak. Oak is felt, but only as a contribution to the overall impression. Fans of aged blues got a lot with this wine.