Pepejuh Markus Franz Ferdinand 102

Continental Croatia, Croatia

Price: 1.600,50 kn
  • Such great wines require the accompaniment of selected snacks, but it would not be good if the food is too complex and takes away from the wine. One carefully selected cheese will mean more than big gastronomic experiments.

  • 18 °C

Wine from a unique plot. In the wine world, such wines are called "single parcel", the plots are smaller than vineyards and estates (single estate wine and single vinyard wine), but, truth be told, it would be fair to try to find a translation for the French wine term "clos". Clos means a vineyard bordered by a dry stone wall or a stone border, which is often less than a hectare in area and which guarantees a microclimate, which is impossible in large vineyards. The name of the plot from which Franz Ferdinand wine grapes come is Podgreben and it looks like it was created for the babić variety. On that plot, nothing else would give birth to such a quality, just as a grandmother does not give birth to such a quality anywhere else. They were created for each other. This is for now the best midwife produced in our country. And there is very little of it.