Škegro Šipkovac

Hercegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Price: 99,50 kn
  • Producer: Škegro
  • Alcohol: 21%
  • Volume: 0,50L
  • It is mostly drunk well chilled, which has a very beneficial effect on both the sweetness and the fruit aroma. It can be served with traditional dry cookies or biscuits such as vanilla croissants.

Interestingly, the largest proportion of the pomegranate for this drink is from free, “wild” growth. The first trees grew naturally on the property of the Škegro winery. Also, the distillate used as a base for this traditional drink is obtained from grapes from our own vineyards. It was completely created in this winery. Only honey is used as a sweetener, so it is at a satisfactory level from a health point of view. It was customary to enjoy this drink just before a meal, and it is not uncommon to return to it with dessert. It has a very clear and recognizable aroma of pomegranate, immediately reminiscent of childhood.