Planeta Cometa

Sicily, Italy

Price: 28,90

Price: 38,53 €/L

  • Winery: Planeta
  • Year: 2022.
  • Alcohol: 13,0%
  • Volume: 0,75L
  • The recommendation is simple - fresh caught grilled dentex fish. The perfect match for this wine is grouper fish, if you have the chance to try it since it is not a common everyday fish. An unexpected combination is mahi-mahi fish with Planeta Cometa.

  • 12-14 °C

Planeta Cometa is a monovarietal wine of the fiano variety, with moderate body. A total of 90% aged on yeasts in stainless steel, while the rest aged in small, new barrique barrels. Fiano truly shines in this wine. The grapes come from calcareous soil full of chalk, and has the aroma of Mediterranean macchia. Along with thyme, the aroma is reminiscent of the sweetness of chamomile, hay, mango and pomelo.