Haart Piesporter Mosel Riesling

Mosel, Germany

Price: 17,57

Price: 23,43 €/L

  • It goes well with any salad or white meat, but it will especially shine with shellfish.

  • 10 °C

Piesport is part of the Mosel region, which is the place of origin of some of the world's most valued rieslings. Several wine experts agree that Haart Piesporter is the best value for money in this sub-region. The vineyards where the grapes are grown have a 70% southern exposure, while the soil is composed of soft loam and slate. This wine is more mature than the average wines of the region, revealing also the tropical aromas of pineapple with plenty of stone fruits and an extremely unexpected and unusual aroma of black currant, which rarely occurs in white wines. There is a tight grip of minerality at the finish. It fermented in a large wooden barrel. The winemaker recommends the wine to be consumed within 5 years.