Join the live conversation with Maximilian Riedel, Franco Kozlović and Tomislav Tuđen about the Riedel Malvasia Istrian glass

Riedel is the most famous wine glass manufacturer in the world. It is a factory with a tradition of more than 260 years, and is currently headed by Maximilian Riedel, a representative of the 11th generation of the family.

What makes them the best and most famous in this industry is the fact that they were the first to discover that the shape of the glass affects the taste of the wine we drink from it. So today in their portfolio they have specialized glasses for all the most famous wine varieties such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir.

We are very honored that one Croatian variety, Istrian Malvasia, entered the company, for which Riedel created a glass in 2013. It was presented at the then jubilee 20th Vinistra by the then first man of the company, Georg Riedel, Maximilian's father. Although it seemed impossible at the time, the project was realized thanks to the company Miva d.o.o., the importer of Riedel and several Istrian winemakers who supported it from the very beginning.

At a time of situation that has befallen us in the last few months, Maximilian Riedel has launched an interesting project on Instagram. Once a week he has live conversations with the biggest names from the world of wine. His interlocutors so far have been, among others, Olivier Krug, cellar master Dom Perignona Vincent Chaperon, the Gaius and Frescobaldi families, Veronique Drouhin.

Here, too, Croatia has found its place, so next week we will have a live Instagram conversation between Maximilian Riedel, the best Croatian winemaker Franko Kozlović, and Tomislav Tuđen, the executive director of Miva and the coordinator of the Malvasia glass project.

Find out how the glass came to be, who all took part and how it ended up being something of a local project all over the world on Wednesday, 24.6. at 6 pm on Instagram channels @riedel_official and @mivagalerijavina.


MIVA online wine workshop / tasting - Episode 5

A great opportunity for all fans of "bubbles" to learn more about the most famous champagne in the world!

MIVA Wine Gallery now traditionally holds online wine workshops and tastings on Thursdays, and this time they have prepared a slightly different workshop and a special guest for you.

Namely, it is a Moët & Chandon online workshop and tasting, on Thursday, May 7 at 8 pm, with Moët Hennessy brand ambassador, Mr. Ted Lelekas. A truly great connoisseur, Ted Lelekas is in charge of educating and leading tastings of the entire Moët Hennessy Group portfolio in more than 15 countries. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Federation of Journalists in the World of Wine and Spirits and regularly has the role of a judge in many prestigious international competitions in the world of wine and spirits.

Ted Lelekas has traveled a large part of Croatia and, as he says, he is always happy to return, and the MIVA wine gallery is happy to announce this great opportunity for all fans of "bubbles" to learn more about the most famous champagne in the world.

When purchasing any Moët & Chandon item through the MIVA webshop or MIVA wine shops, you are entitled to participate in this champagne online workshop.

  • You will receive the ZOOM link of the workshop by e-mail, after purchasing the Moët & Chandon item.
  • * The workshop will be conducted in English.

For more information feel free to contact!
MIVA wine gallery
Ulica Nikole Tesle 11, Zagreb, Tel: 01 4824 392
Ulica grada Vukovara 56 a, Zagreb Tel: 01 6156 760


MIVA online wine workshop / tasting - Episode 4

And this Thursday the MIVA wine gallery continues with educational online workshops on its Facebook profile!

This time the concept has changed a bit, it will not be announced in advance which wines will be tasted. The small "hint" is that these are the best vineyard positions in Croatia. And when the position is the best, then so are the wines.

The MIVA wine gallery again offers the opportunity to purchase a package of wine that will be presented at the workshop so that in addition to the theory itself, you can also participate in the practical part. You will have to be brave and decide to buy something even though you don’t even know what you are buying, but we believe you will be pleasantly surprised. A package of 4 wines in this action costs 430 kn, while the full price of these wines is around 500 kn. Apart from being in the best positions, MIVA also reveals that the premiere of a new vintage of a cult Croatian wine is hidden among the wines. Be among the first to taste it! You can buy your package at this link.

Also, the concept of the prize game that is organized at each workshop has changed a bit. This time the prizes will be shared via the Instagram profile of the MIVA wine gallery.

A question will be asked, and you will find out the answer to that question during the workshop. The fastest answers (answered on MIVA's Instagram profile) are rewarded with one bottle of wine each and the wine to which the question referred.

It is important to note that you do not have to have your own Facebook profile to watch the workshop since the MIVA Facebook profile is public, ie everyone has access to its content. To participate in the sweepstakes, you still need to have an Instagram profile because otherwise you won’t be able to answer questions.

We are looking forward to a new gathering, Thursday 30.4. at 20:00, Facebook MIVA Wine Gallery!