Riedel, a quarter-millennium old family business, has recently celebrated its 250th anniversary! It encompasses eleven generations of the innovative family whose hard work and dedication transformed the Riedel company into a world-renowned brand of the currently most popular wine glass in the world. In 1958, when Georg Riedel made his first glass, the basic premise was to make a glass shaped to affect the taste of the wine. The intended primary feature was functionality rather than appearance, even though today one of the glasses is displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The revolution in the world of glasses provided, almost overnight, an indispensable tool for the full appreciation of fine wines. Wine producers, restaurants and hotels worldwide, as well as many wine connoisseurs, have adopted the Riedel concept as an indisputable fact and an indispensable process for quality tasting of selected wines. Riedel's beautiful glasses for specific wine varieties adorn the homes of many wine lovers.

The Sommeliers series is a trademark of the company. Skilled craftsmen make it by hand from the finest crystal using traditional methods at Riedel’s factories in Austria. The Sommeliers range represents about 15% of the entire Riedel production. The other three series, Vinum, Ouverture and Wine, are not handmade, but are also made of the finest materials and have a similar design. Each of them is intended for a specific wine type or purpose. Recently, Riedel has launched the barware collection for hard liquor.

For the past 50 years, Riedel has been focused on the production of wine glasses, and the same concept was used to create the barware collection. World-renowned experts in hard liquor have participated in organized tastings. The tasters have analyzed the impact of the shape, size and glass edge on each of the beverages in order to create an instrument expressing the individual character and originality of each beverage.

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