Dom PĂ©rignon

When Father Pierre Pérignon took over the wine cellar in the Benedictine Hautvillers Abbey in 1668, he publicly announced his goal "to make the best wine in the world". For a young 30-year-old monk, it took great courage and a visionary spirit to engage in such ambitions. A contemporary of Louis XIV, Dom Pérignon changed the history of wine, just as the Sun King introduced the concept of “art de vivre".

More than three centuries later, the company Dom Pérignon reflects the visionary approach of its founder, who is widely regarded as the spiritual father of Champagne.

Each new vintage is a unique creative act, offering an exceptional style of wine. Only the Chef de Cave may declare it “the vintage of the year”. Furthermore, each vintage offers different grapes. If the grapes do not meet the standards of Dom Pérignon, no vintage Champagne will be produced that year.

In the words of Dom Pérignon, “this is not a value judgment - it’s an aesthetic vision”. 

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