The family has dealt with winemaking for over 100 years. The first wines were bottled in 1987, and in 1996 the family received a great recognition for their Chardonnay in France (Chardonnay du Monde), while their sparkling wine Classic won the silver medal in 1997 in Paris, at the Vinalies d'Argent.

Since then, the vineyards have been planted and the production was expanded to a total of 6 ha (15 acres) of vineyards. The winemaking continued to follow the tradition, thus retaining a unique style. In 2006, the family decided to adopt the principles of ancient wine production and philosophy, i.e., using amphorae. The amphorae were ordered from Georgia and buried into the ground. In 2009, the first wines were bottled, and are now available on the market.

Vinarija Tomac

Donja Reka 5

10450 Jastrebarsko