“Vina Bibich” (the Bibich Wines) is a family boutique winery which has produced wines for several generations. The family roots and the first written records date back to the 15th century, to a place called Nečven City in Promina, where the family still has vineyards and an estate.

After years of work, training and cooperation with several global winemakers, enologists and wine connoisseurs, the first wines were marketed in 1998. The very first wines won awards for quality on several assessments in the region, giving the family an incentive for further work and development.

Today, some 15 years later, the Bibich wines are on the wine lists of the world’s best restaurants in New York, Tokyo, Stockholm etc. The Bibich brand is recognized among wine lovers as different, one of a kind, original and intriguing. This is precisely the winery’s mission - to keep their own personal touch in the sea of identical, unified, generic wines, with an emphasis on the territory and the micro-location they originate from.

Vina Bibich

Plastovo bb

22222 Skradin