Korta Katarina

The Korta Katarina winery has been around since 2005. It was founded by the husband and wife, Lee and Pam Anderson. The name of the Korta Katarina winery originates from the old fenced captains’ villas of Orebić, called korte. Katarina (en. Katharine) is a precious name given in the family for generations.

During the war, Lee and Pam donated to humanitarian projects in Croatia and Herzegovina, and that’s how their bond with Croatia was formed. After the war, they came to visit Croatia and fell in love at first sight with the beauty of our country. The love for the country and its landscape gave birth to the desire to create a winery.

The perfect site was found in the most fertile wine region of Croatia, in Orebić on the peninsula of Pelješac. Since then, they have purchased and renovated 6 ha (15 acres) of vineyards in the most well-known sites, Dingač and Postup, and built one of the most beautiful and modern wineries in Croatia on the grounds of an old hotel located on the estate. On the premises of the winery, they planted about 3,000 vines of Crljenak or Zinfandel, as the strongest link between Croatia and America.

Vinarija Korta Katarina

Bana J. Jelačića 3

20250 Orebić