Mladen Rožanić's love for wine was just spark flaring within him, finally turning into a true passion some fifteen years later. At that time, in the valley of the Rhône River, he collaborated and socialized with renowned French viticulturists and winemakers, and that gave birth to the vision of a wine dream in his native Istria.

After years of traveling and countless visits to the world's most famous wine regions, where he gained valuable knowledge, Mladen decided to devote his life to viticulture and winemaking. First, he went to search for the most suitable Istrian terrains to plant vineyards. It wasn't until 2004 that he met Antun Banko, a winegrower from Kosinožići near Nova Vas.

Mladen and the Banko family connected though their love for wine and Istria and the desire to make an unforgettable and indigenous wine from the red soil of Istria. This collaboration indisputably gave the Roxanich wines their unique quality and charm. In four years, 23 ha (57 acres) of vineyards were built near Višnjan at the sites of Bačva and Bušure. The vineyard in the western part of Istria is situated in an area that is climatically and geographically perfect for viticulture. In addition, a cellar of 900 square meters was built in Kosinožići.

Vinarija Roxanich

Kosinožići 26

52446 Nova Vas