The Baković family of Murvica has always been involved in viticulture, but not in winemaking, apart from producing wine for their own use. Hrvoje Baković, even though his formal education is not in winemaking, has had a special connection with the vineyard since he was a child, finally deciding to try his hand at winemaking. The results of the first vintage in 1996 were more than promising, which is why Hrvoje continued to plant new vineyards, in addition to cultivating the old, inherited ones. Along with the existing Plavac variety, he has also planted Syrah and Cabernet sauvignon in his vineyard. The winery produces around 30,000 bottles a year on a total of 5 ha (12 acres) of land.

Vinarija Baković

Murvica 27

21420 Bol