The tradition of viticulture in the Coronica family started four generations ago. Their estate is situated in the vicinity of the tourist town of Umag on the northwest coast of Istria. The youngest member of the Coronica family, Moreno, along with his father Ottaviano, started processing the grapes and the wine using more modern methods.

The Coronica family has around 20 ha (50 acres) of vineyards on the long-known winegrowing locality of “Grande Bosco”. Their vineyards with red soil (terra rossa) allow for the cultivation of indigenous varieties: the Istrian malvazija and teran. The name of “Grande Bosco” comes from the locality which has been covered by century-old oaks for centuries. The vineyards are located two to three kilometers from the sea, which provides constant airflow from the early morning hours.

Dense planting allows for a low yield per vine, thereby obtaining high quality grapes. Grape harvest is done exclusively by hand, which enables the selection of the best grapes.

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