The special terroir located near the sea and immersed in the scents of Mediterranean herbs has such an exceptional potential that it would be a great waste to limit it solely to tradition. In Meneghetti, the tradition is perceived as a link with the knowledge of different generations, who have given or will give its contribution.  In order to give real meaning to the tradition, it must be preserved, developed and enriched with modern findings. This is the origin of the desire to produce wines which reflect the character of Istria, but at the same time go beyond its borders.

Meneghetti currently has 10 ha (25 acres) of vineyards in two sites around the Meneghetti estate (Stancija Meneghetti), on the Val Gambalera site in Bale, and on the Kršin-Ferne site near Buje. Moreover, planting of new vineyards is well underway.

All the vineyards are cultivated in an environmentally sustainable way, with deep respect for nature, using the Simonit & Sirch method. Pruning is soft, always performed manually in order to preserve the plant and extend its life.

Meneghetti vina

Stancija Menegeti 1

52211 Bale