Belvedere is one of the original luxury vodkas. Its name means “a beautiful view.” The design of the bottle is a small masterpiece: the magnificent Belvedere Presidential Palace with snowy trees.

The Belvedere vodka is produced exclusively from Dankowskie golden rye grown in the Mazovian Lowland in Poland, while the vodka is distilled in Polmos Żyrardów. Quadruple distillation gives the perfect balance between its character and purity.

Without additives or gluten, the Belvedere vodka was made to satisfy the most fastidious of tasters, regardless of whether it is enjoyed on its own, or becomes part of a cocktail like Cosmopolitan.

Life tastes great with the Belvedere vodka. Na zdrowie!

Polmos Zyrardow Sp.z o.o.

Ulica Mickiewicza 1-3

96-300 Zyrardow