The Buhač winery is situated in the far east of Croatia, in Srijem, where Ivan Buhač and his son Domagoj started their wine story back in 1998.

The vineyards covering a total of 20 ha (50 acres) are situated in the immediate vicinity of the Danube River, and consist of 16 ha (40 acres) of white and 4 ha (10 acres) of red varieties. Welschriesling and merlot are cultivated primarily on the sites of Radoš, Lišćak, Božino Brdo, Ciglana, Principovac, Zaravan, Dekan and Široka Šuma, while other varieties include riesling, gewürztraminer, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and pinot blanc.

Vino Buhač

Hercegovačka 1

32236 Ilok