The Kolarić winery is located in a small village of Hrastje, at the foot of Mount Japetić. This area is the most fertile part of the region, making it particularly suitable for viticulture. The Kolarić family has 30,000 vines in the vineyards on the Radenci and Doleni site in the Sveta Jana wine region. The wine shop and tasting room are located on the estate which can accommodate 100 guests.

Klet Šumski Dvor (”Šumski Dvor Tavern”) - Count Erdödy’s Mansion built in 1656 is located at the foot of Mount Japetić. Besides the homemade cuisine and the Kolarić wines, you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the villages and vineyards in Sveta Jana. There are two halls in the mansion intended for various celebrations with a total capacity of 60 persons, two rooms with a total capacity of 6 persons, and a third room (barrel room) for one person.

Malo gospodarstvo Kolarić vinogradarstvo i vinarstvo

Hrastje Plešivićko 24

10450 Jastrebarsko