Cape Mentelle

The story of Cape Mentelle, as well as many others taking place along the rocky coastal landscape, reflects an adventurous spirit with a distinguished vision and good wine.

The potential of viticulture in Margaret River, a stunningly beautiful place on the west coast of Australia where two great oceans meet, was noticed in the 1960s. Soon afterwards, a handful of passionate pioneers began constructing a vineyard on the bushy terrain.

Cape Mentelle, one of these pioneers, was the driving force in research from the very beginning, trying to determine what the ancient land and the impact of the maritime climate could achieve. This played the leading role in determining the regional style of cabernet sauvignon, which stands among the world’s best wines to this day. Such a cuvée of sauvignon blanc and sémillon reflects the recognizable feature of the place and has courageously tried to push the boundaries with the occasionally challenging, but always convincing zinfandel.

The wines produced here reflect their origin in every way possible, and anyone who has ever walked the path of a large discovery will recognize a part of himself in the Cape Mentelle wines.

Cape Mentelle Vineyards

331 Wallcliffe Road

Margeret River