Martin Miller's

Martin Miller and his two friends, David Bromige and Andreas Versteegh, started a revolution in the production of gin when they launched the Martin Miller’s brand in 1999. They invested a lot of love and obsession into it, as well as a dose of madness.

The madness is reflected in the fact that the water for their gin, which is bottled in England, is purchased from Iceland more than 3,000 km away. The water from Iceland is much cleaner and richer in oxygen, giving the gin a softer, more rounded finish. They go to great lengths to provide their customers with a product of premium quality and purity.

The Martin Miller’s Gin has won more gold and platinum medals than any other gin in the last ten years, including medals at the four most renowned competitions - The World Spirits Awards, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, ISC and IWSC.

Martin Miller's Gin Ltd

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United Kingdom