Rizman Slivno

The Rizman winery restarted production in 2006, skipping a whole generation in the Štimac family. A new vineyard was planted on a new site, the necessary infrastructure was built and a completely new wine-growing region in Croatia was created. The Štimac family is the first investor and conceptual initiator of this new wine-growing region, which in 2012 encompassed more than 80 ha (200 acres) of planted vines. After planting and building the infrastructure, which includes their own water spring, a winery with the latest equipment was built on the premises of the vineyard.

The Komarna wine-growing region was established when the first vines were planted in 2008. The official name was given in April 2013. It is located in South Dalmatia in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. It is a relatively new wine region encompassing 82 ha (202 acres) of vineyards planted by seven future wineries. The soil is skeletal, composed mainly of limestone and very little loam, with a slope of up to 30%. The plantings start at an altitude of 250m and stretch all the way to the sea.

The vineyards face south and southwest. Due to favorable positions and airiness, all producers have started organic production. The assortment of planted vines in the wine-growing region is made up of 92% of indigenous Dalmatian varieties (Plavac Mali, Pošip, Tribidrag or Zinfandel, Maraština, Babić), while the rest is made up of international varieties (Syrah, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier).

Vinarija Rizman

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