Domaine Belleville

This French winery consists of three equal parts; Domaine Belleville is an estate of 18 acres spread from Gevrey-Chambertin to Mercury including some of the oldest as the famous Rabourcee with archaeological remains from Gallo-Roman times, Clos Comaraine is a monopoly on a 900 year old site whose original boundaries are just recreated by the efforts of new owner and “merchant” Les Parcellaires des Saulx located in the famous Mersault who procures grapes and finished wines from producers outside the property.

Access to wines and understanding of quality is what excites me the most. Only "single parcel" wines are produced here. There is nothing else. One plot of vineyard - one wine. Even many smaller vineyards were further broken up into smaller plots due to the different quality of yields in certain parts. A very narrow understanding of terroir where variations are not allowed in the same wine. The other side of this medal is knowledge and skill. The complete winery is in the final stages of transition to biodynamics, and the expression of terroir is as harmonious and precise as only the most famous Burgundy can be. It is also a condition for the grapes and wines purchased by Les Parcellaires des Saulx that the cultivation is biodynamic to guarantee origin from a particular plot.

Domaine Belleville

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71150 Rully


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