Voštinić Klasnić

The story of this winery goes back to 1936, but it was more established on the market the last 15 years, when Tomislav Voštinić decided to continue his great-grandfather's tradition, but with a new approach to vineyards and wine. The winery is located on a hill above Ivanić-Grad, away from the city noise and bustle and surrounded by vineyards and orchards.

The pride of the winery is Škrlet, a local variety that has been revitalized thanks to the association with the same name, which was founded by Moslavina Škrlet producers, including the Voštinić Klasnić winery, and for which there is growing interest on the wine scene. This winery has proven with its wines, that Škrlet is not only an one-year wine, but it can also be used to produce very good predicate wines, orange wines as well as sparkling wines.

Vinarija Voštinić Klasnić

Ul. Grabersko Brdo 226

10313 Graberje Ivaničko