Rougié Sarlat

It all started in 1875 with the opening in Cahors of a workshop which quickly became the privileged meeting place for all fine gourmets in the region. With a growing reputation, the company led by Léonce Rougié, then by his son, Jean Rougié, took its international stature in the 1950s by exporting its products to the 5 continents. In 1977, Rougié moved to Sarlat, capital of foie gras located in the heart of Périgord.

Constantly perfecting its working methods and its recipes, the brand has become a true emblem of French gastronomy and has forged solid and privileged links with Chefs around the world. Its foie gras, lobsters, and duck meat specialties are appreciated on the most prestigious tables around the world.

Through the Bocuses d'Or Winner, of which Rougié has been a partner and founding member since 2000 and the Bocuses d'Or of which Rougié is a partner, the creation of its Foie Gras School in Lescar in 2007, and the organization of the Jean Trophy Rougié since 2010, Rougié demonstrates every day its involvement with Chefs, confirmed or in the making.

Today, Rougié is present in 65 countries in palaces, large restaurants, delicatessens and with airlines.

Rougié Euralis Gastronomie

Avenue du Périgord

24200 Sarlat-la-Canéda


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