Bastiàn wines are the result of a married couple’s love for wine. With love, passion, persistence, and a desire to make an unforgettable and unique story, Petra and Ivan Leko created Bastiàn wines. They recognized the God-given beauty, uniqueness and potential of the Istrian landscape, the white soil, native vineyards, and together with a team of top enologists, agronomists, technicians and winegrowers, they worked with an immense amount of dedication on the quality of Bastian wines. Everyone, from the ancient Greeks, Histrians, Romans, Italians and Croats, was engaged in the cultivation of grapes in Istria. As a result this place has rightly been considered the best for growing grapes and making wine.The peculiarities of the climate and the Istrian white soil, combined with our careful natural cultivation of traditional local varieties, result in wines of exceptional originality, quality, and taste

Bastian d.o.o.

Digitronska ulica 33 A,

52460 Buje