The Boškinac winery was created in a logical sequence of events, resulting from the family tradition of winemaking. The ancestors of the Šuljic-Boškinac family have carefully cultivated the vineyards and nurtured winemaking for centuries, with the wine cellar as the backbone of the family’s life.

Types of grapes have changed, wars have swept through the Novalja field, but the vineyards have remained a lasting source of survival.

Today, the winery has around 30,000 vines of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, gegić, chardonnay and sauvignon on a total of 6 ha (15 acres).

The winery’s mission is certainly the production of gegić, but one should also mention the cuvée of cabernet sauvignon and merlot, which is poured in the finest Croatian restaurants and has won numerous national awards and recognitions.

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Novalja 53291

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