The Bodren winery is a synonym for exquisite wine predicates. The winery’s vineyards are located in the region of absolute ecological attributes, on the calm hills of the charming Croatian region of Zagorje. Mr. Boris Drenški, owner of the winery, has successfully revived the centuries-old, noble, hedonistic tradition of this small region full of castles.

Having recognized in his native Zagorje the microclimate potential which guarantees high acidity of grapes, often pointed out as a shortcoming when it comes to the dry wines of the region, the expert viticulturist used it as an asset for the production of predicates in which the acid breaks down the sweetness and diminishes the impression of heaviness, making the wines fresh and likable.

A chance encounter with predicates has grown into a great love for the eco-friendly wines produced over the past ten years. With numerous international awards and gold medals at domestic and foreign evaluations and tastings, the Bodren winery takes pride in having won six gold, five silver and three bronze medals in the last five years at the Decanter World Wine Awards in London, one of the world’s most prestigious competitions of winemakers. In 2011, the 2009 Bodren Ice Wine won the DWWA Regional Trophy and was included in the Top 10 list of sweet wines.

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