The Lipanović family is one of the families from the island of Vis whose tradition of viticulture and wine cellars began more than a hundred and fifty years ago when the first Lipanović came to the island and planted vine.  The long tradition was continued by his descendants, who founded an agricultural holding in 1998 under the name of Vitis.

Today, they have 3 ha (7.4 acres) of vineyards located in the wine-growing sites of the central and southeastern part of the island, while another 2 ha (5 acres) is being prepared for planting. Production is not based on quantity. The effort and attention are focused solely on grape quality, and consequently wine quality.

With 23,000 bottles of annual production they cannot compete with large producers, but numerous awards at wine fairs justify their efforts when it comes to quality.

Besides growing Vugava and Plavac Mali, the Lipanović family strives to find and keep the lesser known varieties, such as Kurteloška, Palaruša, Palagružonka, Glavanjuša etc.

P.O. Vitis

Augusta Šenoe 4

21480 Vis