The forerunner of the company is a family winery founded by the enologist Leo Gracin, PhD and his father Ante in 2000.  Partners Ivan Ratković and Lado Skorin joined in 2006, all of them together establishing the new winery named Suha Punta. In 2006 the first Babić wine was released. Its quality immediately brought it to the very top. Besides becoming by far the best Babić on the market, it ranked among the best Croatian red wines.

Babić is a variety that makes up 99 percent of the assortment of the Primošten wine region and has been in the area from the beginnings of viticulture. The wine region is located in Northern Dalmatia, 25 kilometers east of Šibenik and 60 kilometers west of Split. The terroir of this vineyard, i .e. the rock, the sunshine, the sea, and the wind, is best illustrated in the name of Suha Punta (Dry Cape), as this area is called due to very little rainfall during the vegetation season.

The Gracin winery grows vineyards in two sites in Primošten. One of the sites is Bucavac, with two vineyards of 1.3 ha (3.2 acres) in total, while the other one is Sljinovac with 3 ha (7 acres) of vineyards. Most of the grapes are purchased from the Primošten viticulturists, primarily from vineyards as old as 50 years.

Vinarija Suha punta

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