PZ Čara

Many generations of hard-working and diligent islanders have preserved and nurtured the viticulture in a millennial traditional atmosphere, elevating the production of grapes and wine to epic levels. Their affinity and life commitment have been cultivated in family cooperatives, thus building a joint path toward contemporary cooperative businesses.

All throughout history, the laborers have cooperated in different ways, while Čara found its economic refuge of quality and premium wines in a farming cooperative named “Pošip”. The quality is achieved by preserving and respecting the traditional heritage, and purposefully accepting contemporary methods in the production of grapes.

The grapes, processed with love at various winemaking sites, arrive at the cooperative winery, owing to the great sacrifice of the viticulturists. With its modern technical and technological equipment and the proficiency of personnel, the winery offers exquisite premium wines from its “bosom” to the ever more demanding market, thus elevating the Croatian enogastronomic achievements to the very top of indulgent pleasures.

PZ Čara

Čara 213

20273 Korčula



Fixed conversion rate: 1 EUR = 7.53450 kn