G&J wines

This unusual wine story started in 2009 when Gino and Jadranka, who lived in France where they got introduced to French wines, returned to Croatia and decided to produce their own wine, merging the French tradition of wine production with Croatian grape varieties.  Since they don’t have their own vineyards, and they wanted to produce premium wine for long aging, they had to select the best grapes and determine the precise moment of harvest.

They decided to place their production in the wine region of Benkovac and Stankovci (Nadin, protected designation of origin, eco-friendly vineyards), and consulted with a top enologist on the style of wine they wanted to produce. The decision was made to produce wine from cabernet sauvignon and merlot in equal proportions, to cultivate it in new French barriques, and bottle it after enough time has passed.

G&J Proizvodnja vina

Sv. Vinka Paulskog 16

23000 Zadar