Hvar Hills

Hvar Hills is a company founded in 1991 which owns potentially the largest vineyard in the Mediterranean, of currently 30 hectares, of a total 242 hectares of land. The vineyard is located on the southern slope of the island of Hvar, in the site called Poljica, where thanks to land improvement, 150.000 native grape varieties have been planted (80% Plavac mali and 20%  Bogdanuša).

This position on the southern slope of the island, has triple insulation from the sun, sea and stone, and all agricultural operations are made exclusively by hand. The grape vines are cultivated in traditional, local method, without any use of reinforcements, so they grow in a bush-form, which provides sufficient breathability and maximum exposure to the sunlight.

Hvar Hills d.o.o.

Vrbanj 191

21462 Vrbanj

Otok Hvar