Sixty years ago, Robert Jean de Vogüé, at the time President of Moët & Chandon, and a handful of other exceptional individuals had the vision, courage and drive to redefine luxury sparkling wine. They wanted to make it modern, and they created a heritage brend, CHANDON. With wineries in Argentina, California, Brazil, Australia, China and India, Chandon is the largest sparkling vineyard worldwide and the only domain on which the sun never sets.

The Chandon Estate in Mendoza, where Chandon Garden Spritz is produced, was founded in 1959. Robert-Jean de Vogüé together with Renaud Poirier (Chandon Argentina first Chief winemaker) searched for the best terroirs, and they finally arrived to a place near Mendoza: in Agrelo near Luján de Cuyo. At Andean foothills and an elevation of above 1000m is where the grapes for Chandon sparking wines are grown, allways looking up for distinct, even purer expressions.

Bodega Chandon

Ruta 15 Km 29 AgreloLuján de Cuyo, Mendoza


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