Volcan De Mi Tierra Cristalino


Price: 486,50 kn
  • Producer: Volcan
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Volume: 0,70L
  • Volcan Cristalino unveils its best aromas sipped neat or savored chilled on the rock.

  • 4 °C

Volcan De Mi Tierra Cristalino is a blend of añejo (aged) and extra-añejo tequila, made from 100% blue weber agave from Jalisco’s lowlands. The añejo is aged in Glenmorangie whisky casks and the extra-añejo in Hennessy cognac casks. Before blending, the tequilas are carefully filtered to remove any amber colour, while retaining their complex character.
Volcan De Mi Tierra Cristalino gains its unique complexity from the terroir, and time spent in cognac and whisky casks imparts deep, creamy notes of vanilla, caramel and chocolate. Its rich flavours are a fusion of aromas: tobacco, dried fruits, chocolate, vanilla and the cooked agave, all come together to form the unique and elegant style that is indicative of Anejo Cristalino.