Kir Yianni Tarsanas

Naoussa, Greece

Price: 199,50 kn
  • Winery: Kir-Yianni
  • Year: 2016.
  • Alcohol: 13,5%
  • Volume: 0,75L
  • Complex white wines go well with most younger red meats, especially if made in white sauce. Veal, lamb, hare, wild rabbit, tenderloin, veal medallions in white sauce.

  • 10-12 °C

Tarsanas is the pride of the Kir-Yianni winery. Having achieved great success with assyrtiko planted at high altitude, the winemakers decided to use the amazing texture of this wine to make an aged style. Tarsanas is a “single-vineyard" wine from the Samaropetra vineyard in the Naoussa region. After cold soaking, the fermentation proceeds in new barrels where the wine stays for the next 8 months, along with the yeasts and an intense bâtonnage. This is an aged wine worthy of attention.