CUJ Kraljević

The CUJ brand is based primarily on the multigenerational family tradition of grape, wine and olive oil production. The name CUJ was chosen to honor the grandfather who planted and cultivated the current vineyards, and whose catch-phrase was “Cuj” (”Listen, let me tell you...”).

Danijel Kraljević, enologist and owner, decided to continue the family tradition and build a new cellar and oil mill in 2006, thus creating conditions for a serious production. The CUJ wines are produced in three sites with different terroir:  red soil (Baština and Vela Boška sites), grey soil (Santa Lucia with its mineral flysch) and black soil (Bon Markeze).

The latest technology and love for wine allow Danijel Kraljević to translate his ideas and knowledge into modern products recognized by wine lovers, but also by those who appreciate traditional original flavors of indigenous varieties (malvazija, muscat and teran).

CUJ vinski podrum i uljara

Farnežine 5

Marija na Krasu

52470 Umag