The vineyards of Marziano Abbona, winemaker and farmer with great sensitivity and dedication to environmental protection, are located in the Langhe area, one of the finest Italian viticulture regions. The winery was founded by Marziano’s father Celso, who anticipated the great potential of the area to produce premium wines. Some sixty years ago, he planted the Doriolo vineyard in the area which has ideal soil composition, sunshine exposure and surrounding environment to produce the Dogliani Dolcetto wine. Marziano accepted his father’s challenge and passion, and continued to produce premium wines with utmost care and patience. The vineyards covering 52 ha (129 acres) are planted in some of the most well-known crus: Doriolo (Dolcetto), Rinaldi (Barbera), Bricco Barone (Nebbiolo), Pressenda (Barolo), Terlo Ravera (Barolo), Cerviano ( Barolo), Occhetti (Arneis) and San Luigi (Dolcetto, Viognier). The wine cellar, which was built in August 2006 and takes up 2500 m2 (27,000 sq ft), is a place where careful processing of grapes and modern technology come together in order to produce wine which satisfies the most demanding of tastes.

Di Abbona Marziano & C.

ss Borgata San Luigi, 40

12063 Dogliani (CN)