The Enjingi family wines have always been extraordinary. They did not change throughout history, nor was their taste influenced by the social reality of the space in which they matured. Their development has always been determined by nature, whose unpredictability was gradually mastered by hard-working and experienced people who established an authentic manufacturing tradition.

Today, the Enjingi family cultivates 50 ha (123 acres) of vineyards in the sites of Hrnjevac, Venje and Mitrovac in the Kutjevo wine region. The average age of the vineyards is 15 years. They were built on the sunny, southern slopes of Mount Krndija, on exceptional loamy, sandy-loamy and rocky soils, and on a bed of shale and granite. Special care is provided for the vineyards older than 35 years because of the exceptional quality they provide, with new plantations raised in a close-spaced formation of 8,500 vines per hectare (2.5 acres).

The whole production is based on eco-friendly principles in line with the desire for the wines to faithfully reflect the soil, climate and tradition, and also be a source of health for the consumers. 

Vinarstvo i vinogradarstvo Enjingi

Hrnjevac 87

34335 Vetovo