The Filipec family has for generations cherished the tradition of preparing Bermet and Muštarda. Bermet is a red aromatic wine made from selected grapes, wormwood and tropical fruit. The Muštarda of Samobor is a spicy sauce whose taste is similar to mustard. These products form the identity and pride of the people of Samobor and are an indispensable part of the gastronomic offer of Samobor.

After a large part of the property and the tannery with some 30 employees were taken from Josip Joca Filipec in 1946, he was left without any means to support himself. Overwhelmed by the adversity that befell him, he began producing Bermet and Muštarda, which over time became the staple of Samobor.In 1960s, son Vojko also joined the production. According to Joca’s will, the elder son (Vojko) will continue the family tradition of preparing Bermet after his passing, while the younger son (Antun Dubravko) will continue with the production of Muštarda.

In the early 1990s, grandson Antun got involved in the production, establishing a business for grape and wine production in 1999 named “Obitelj Filipec” (The Filipec Family), continuing the tradition, enhancing and expanding the circle of Bermet and Muštarda admirers.

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