Hervé Kerlann

The story of this winery is certainly a story of a long family tradition, the passion for wine and entrepreneurial spirit. Today’s owner, Hervé Kerlann, played as a child in the family cellars of Maison Peyrat-Chèze in Libourne, which once belonged to his maternal great-great-grandfather, who was a wine merchant and vineyard owner.

Hervé’s father Charles Kerlann took over the job as a wine merchant from his wife’s family, but after some unforeseen circumstances the family was forced to sell the winery. Hervé's life path took him across the world to Quebec, where he occasionally worked as a wine merchant. In the early 1990s, Hervé decided he wanted to work exclusively in winemaking and returned to France, more precisely Burgundy. There he founded his own winery located in the prestigious Château de Laborde.

Hervé Kerlann

Château de Laborde

Laborde au Château

21200 Meursanges