Degarra winery is a relatively young winery from Zadar region founded in 2012. The Pestić and Šulentić families recognized the potential of the region in viticulture and winemaking and decided to make their dream come true. Degarra is a derivative of the French term "Vin de Garage", which is a synonym for small passionate producers who produce mostly limited quantities of premium, and often some of the best, wines in the world. The grapes for Degarra's wines come from the best locations in Ravni kotari and from their own vineyard in Bokanjec. From the very work in the vineyard to the final product, the emphasis is on exceptional quality. Dedication to work and enjoyment in what they do can be felt in each of their wines. In addition, they also paid tribute to their region with a specially aromatized  wine made from grapes and Marasca cherries.