Badel Pelinkovac Antique

Continental Croatia, Croatia

Price: 119,25 kn
  • Best served well chilled,  with a slice of lemon or orange.
  • 0-5 °C

Pelinkovac Antique is the oldest Badel premium herbal liqueur, invented back in 1862.
by Franjo Pokorny, a merchant and founder of Badel 1862. At the beginning, the Antique liqueur
was sold exclusively in pharmacies as a "gastric helpful agent".
In the secret recipe, made from 100% natural ingredients, the main ingredient is the wormwood,
with the addition of other macerated, aromatic herbs.
Antique is certainly a valuable part of the Croatian tradition, and the original bottle in which
Antique is still sold today, is kept in the Zagreb City Museum.