Riedel Fatto a Mano Champagne Black


Price: 425,00 kn

Contemporary lines of champagne glasses are characterized by an effort to emphasize the qualities, aromas and complexity of champagne. Far less is thought of the visual side of serving and the fashion of the time, at least when it comes to balloon architecture. The balloon is somewhat similar to white wine glasses. Its purpose is also contact with the air and directing odors to the nose as well as expressing secondary and tertiary aromas. The visual impression just moved to the foot which is here a beautiful black detail on the transparent crystal.

The package contains one glass.

The cup is finished by hand and is safe to wash in the washing machine.

Product name: Fatto a Mano Cabernet Black

Product code: 4900/28B

Design: 2017.

Height: 25,00 cm

Volume: 4,45 dcl