Riedel Superleggero Bordeaux Grand Cru


Price: 40,00
  • Producer: Riedel
  • Packaging: 1 Qty

The Bordeaux Grand Cru glass is perfect for full-bodied, complex red wines that are high in tannin.

This shape was one of the original 'wine friendly' glasses designed by 9th generation Claus J. Riedel. The generous size of this glass allows the bouquet to develop fully, and smooths out the rough edges. It emphasises the fruit, playing down the bitter qualities of the tannin, and allows wines to achieve balance.

The Riedel Superleggero is a masterpiece of state-of-the-art-technology. The perfection of a premium machine-made glass compared to handmade lies in the precision of the bowl and rim diameter and its consistent quality.

The collection includes the largest, thinnest, and lightest glasses with the widest base diameter of up to 106 mm ever produced on machine to date.

The pack contains a single piece dishwasher safe.


Item No.: 6425/00

Year of design: 2023

Volume: 9,53 dcl

Height: 28,2 cm